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About S2H consulting engineers s.a.

An engineering agency may make you think of ‘technicians. Granted, we are also a bit of that. We can be very enthusiastic about technical installations. But luckily we always have both feet on the ground. And we therefore understand only too well that technology can be a stumbling block for you. Because how do you choose the correct installation if you are not a technical person? That is impossible and precisely the reason that you should turn to S2H.

Best and most beautiful solution

Together with you we research your wishes and the underlying questions. Because we are an independent agency, we can develop the optimal solution for your problem in full freedom. Our people help you through the entire (re)building process, with the objective to create a technical installation which does exactly what is required. And which is invisible, or as design element which fits in with the whole. Because your building has to look good, without unsightly technical elements.

Integral approach plus aftercare

Our integral approach makes us quite special. The benefits to you are multiple. A supple and flexible process allowing room for your critical contribution, so that you always know exactly where you stand. No strain caused by work activities. An end result that meets all expectations. And problem-free use, for many years. If problems do occur, no problem – you can always count on us to be there.


‘If we do not do our work well, you will experience many years of problems.

We are all too aware of this.’