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Our approach

S2H becomes your right hand. That is why we help you to expand on your wishes. We translate these in well thought-out solutions. Above all we make the connection between the architectonic design and the technology visible to you.

No disappointments, no strain

With S2H you can trust that you will receive exactly what you wanted, both functionally and aesthetically. Without unexpected surprises afterwards. And without strain on your organisation, which can continue to operate!

Integral approach plus aftercare

Our integral approach makes us quite special. The benefits to you are multiple. A supple and flexible process allowing room for your critical contribution, so that you always know exactly where you stand. No strain caused by work activities. An end result that meets all expectations. And problem-free use, for many years. If problems do occur, no problem – you can always count on us to be there.


‘The nicest compliment we received was from TenneT.

They asked when we were going to start with the conversion of their installations.

We had completed everything already! Clearly we did not cause any strain…’