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Our services

S2H works for a wide variety of industries, varying from education to healthcare and from municipalities to commercial organisations. The type of solutions that we can offer you is also very broad. From simple to extremely complex, from very small to extremely large. The red thread is that we always wish to present a total concept, integrated in your (re)building process. With as key points: safety, sustainability and aesthetics. And the optimal mix of these key points.

Innovative and tested techniques

We combine out-of-the-box thinking with a conservative approach. In other words: we are aware of the newest techniques, but never use you as a test case. We advise you to only use solutions which are tried and tested. We are aware however of the techniques of tomorrow, so that your organisation is, and remains, up-to-date.

Complex issues

Because of our expertise and our creative outlook, you can come to us for even the most complex issues. Thanks to this combination many remarkable innovations exist. For example due to the fact that we are able to apply solution elements from one sector in the other sector. And when we lack the required knowledge at S2H, we will call in our flexible specialists. In this way we guarantee you the best solution for whatever problem.

Fast, efficient, effective

An extra plus point is the fact that we also work incredibly quickly. That is not only because of our knowledge and expertise, but also because of our exceptional working methods. We often work with images and dynamic documents. This prevents too many unnecessary steps. And that saves both time and money.

‘In fact S2H has managed to change our aeroplane engines during the flight and we did not crash!!

Jan Popma, director Datacenter UMC Sint Radboud, Nijmegen